This blog is intended primarily as a repository of reflections from my experience teaching in the college environment. While I imagine it will be mostly pedagogically oriented, I may also record some notes on research projects and/or the professional condition of adjunct college instructors (some mornings I wake up feeling particularly political).

The naming of this blog is itself a modest political act, intended to recognize the virtue that can come from adjunct status; indeed, as the partner of a tenure-track professor, I am well aware that I enjoy certain middling advantages at the cost of certain other things like job security. Adjuncts contribute to college life in important ways, and one of the biggest challenges is perhaps knowing where to draw the line between contribution and (self-?)exploitation.

The launch of this blog is timed to coincide with our leading a group of undergraduates on a study abroad trip to Rome, and I will do my best to post regularly about our adventures in the Eternal City. My personal goal is to view Rome with two new sets of eyes. Firstly, those of the students: thinking about presenting Rome to others for the first time will hopefully force new perspectives, and I also fully expect them to see things in ways I have not. Secondly, those of Filippo Coarelli: I have yet to walk the streets of Rome with Coarelli in hand, and this seems like something of a rite of passage for the Classicist. Between them, I will have young, fresh eyes and older, more assured eyes to augment my own vision. Between us, we should hopefully produce some observations worth recording, which will soon be grouped under this category.


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